Life's a Beach

 I was sitting at my computer on a cold June morning and wondering why it is so cold in June. As I sipped my coffee and held the mug
to warm up my hands, I was thinking it should be warm enough to go to the beach. I sat there debating whether or not to close the
windows. I decided since it is not warm enough to stroll on a sunny beach, I would create a virtual beach scene.

 I wanted to use new models I purchased for this scene. I used Stephanie Petite and wanted to use the new David model. As I searched
for a swimsuit for David to wear I found out I don't have one for him. I then decided to see what I have for Mike. I don't have a
swimsuit for him but I do have some cool shorts for Mike3. After deciding to use Mike I thought wouldn't it be funny to have Mike
checking out Steph? Well that's what I decided to do. Then I thought just looking wasn't enough, I had to show that he likes what he
sees. So I had him left his glasses for a better view and saw ooh.

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