Foggy Kingdom
This started as a challenge at the Big-I forum.The challenge was to make a foggy scene with Bryce or Vue.
I am more comfortable with Bryce so that is what I used.Post render work was not allowed.The only post
work here is my name in the corner.
I started out with a terrain and cut a river through it.As I was adjusting fog levels,I thought a castle would
look good in the disance.I imported the Daz castle from Poser and added a terrain to simulate trees around
it.I liked the way the ree terrain worked so I did he same in the foreground.I duplicated he foreground terrain
adjusted he size a bit and added a texture I made with Painter.
The picture was almost complete but I fel i needed some more life.I added some plants and hought a dragonfly
would look good by the one of the plants.I added some birds from Dedicated Digital and a deer from Poser.
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