Good vs Evil
This image had a strange begining.There is a thread at the PFO called"Show me your best
angel".I didnt have an angel scene to add so I wanted to make one.I was told the thread is for
completedonly.Well I wasn't about to let that stop me.I wanted to do one even if it can't go in the thread.

I had to come up with an idea for this image.I decided on good verses evil.Cool now I have an
ideastarted.Now how will I represent the idea?First I would need models.I decided the Poser
infant was underused so that's what I will use.Now how can the evil baby battle the good baby?
Of course,a tricycle race.

Now I need a setting.I decided on a racetrack.Where else would a race take place?But I will
need a crowded grandstand.Where will I get a crowd?Painter 3d came with Poser,why not use a
painter nozzle?Now I have all the elements figured out,all thats left is doing it.

I needed angel wings,time to download.I used the best wings I have seen,They are from Phil
Hokusai. Now I need horns for the devil.I could make them but my modeling skills are still pretty poor. I used some horns from one of Thorne's great fairies.I downloaded a tricycle from
3dcafe and imported to Poser I did the poses in Poser then exported as an obj.

Now it's time for Bryce.I imported the models and the crowd image.After these were in place,
I need a wall with ads on it.I didnt want any injured spectators if one of the speeding trikes
went out of control.The walls are modified squares with images applied as textures.

Now it's time for special effects.I imported the image into Photoshop.I used Eyecandy for the
smoke and flames.I also used Eyecandy for motion blur.The only other post render work was
the signature file.

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